Science Curriculum 

by Dr. G. Thomas Sharp (2007)

Worldview curriculum consisting of 11 units:

  • Worldview
  • Classificiation
  • Plants
  • Cells
  • Reproduction
  • Meteorology
  • Changing Earth
  • Geology
  • Earth's Resources
  • Ecology
  • Astronomy




Dinosaurs by Laura Welch (2011)
What's So Hot About the Sun by Roger Howerton (2006) 
What's So Striking About Lightning by Roger Howerton (2006) 
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  Speaker Biography

Professional Geologist,   and former evolutionist, Dave D'Armond is a frequent speaker on a wide variety of Creation science topics.  He also conducts hands-on science workshops for K-6, 7-12, and adults as a trained “Good Science” workshop leader.  (Read More)

Popular Presentations

Dave is available on a limited basis for speaking in the Chicagoland and surrounding area.  The following is a partial listing of his most requested topics: (Read More)

K-6 Good Science Workshops

Do fun, exciting hands-on experiments that develop creative, critical thinking skills.  Learn the “how” of science (process skills) compared to learning “about” science.  (Read More)

Grades 7-12 Good Science Workshops

Junior & Senior High School level hands-on experiments that develop creative, critical thinking skills.  Students learn by actual examples to distinguish between real and false science.  (Read More)